Another Award-winning Novel

Okay, if we’re going to talk books, you know I’ll mention my award winning novels first off…but hang in there, because after I introduce you to my work, I’ll be telling you about some of the other wonderful books that I’ve been reading – Yep, writers do find time to read, actually we make time, even if it means a frozen dinner or a pizza night.

Girl Child was the first book published andat the Florida Biennial it won the 2007 National League of American Pen Women First Place Award for Published Fiction.

It’s a novel rich with emotion, humor and tenderness…a novel about one woman’s coming of age, surviving America’s Great Depression and finding a friendship so special it outlives life.

Trust, love and friendship—Abigail; Lannigan searched for these things all her life; now, when she is at the tail end of her years she teams up with a free-spirited young woman, a stranger from nowhere, who suddenly moves in across the street. It’s an unlikely friendship that comes under suspicion when a distant relative claims embezzlement. One million dollars is missing and only Abigail knows the truth about what happened, but she’ll never get the chance to tell.

To read an excerpt from this story or to order the book, visit my website at

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