Saturday in the Park

Very windy dsy, forget using signage! Although it proved to be a long day, it was lots of fun and several new readers purchased books. Loads of people signed up to connect to the website and blog post, so now I’ve got to get moving and put some meaningful input on here. Several aspiring writers registered for contact info and I really do enjoy helping other writers get started, so I’m always willing to share what knowledge I have of the publishing industry. Although I was positioned at the tailend of the exhibition walkway, I had the good fortune to be next to a delightfully talented artist by the name of Mary Ellen Koser. Her work is amazing. You can view her complete portfolio at – it’s well worth the viewing!
All in all, was this event worth the time and preparation it took to participate and would I do it again? The jury is still out. I’ve done a lot of speaking engagements in Vero Beach and I like having the opportunity to expand the market for my books, so the answer is probably a yes…but stay tuned for a final decision. This photo was taken in front of Mary Ellen’s paintings.

Crosby & Koser at Vero Event

One Comment on “Saturday in the Park”

  1. ted conway February 21, 2010 at 5:04 am #

    I was afraid this might be a chic book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Any plans for another

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