A True Story…

Wow…I’m really impressed with the number of people signing on to read “Cracks in the Sidewalk” – but then how often do you get to read an award winning novel for free. Lots of people are already in love with Elizabeth’s mother, Claire McDermott, and I guess it’s hard not to be for she’s the type of woman who shows the love every mother feels for her child. Something that might surprise a lot of readers is that this novel is based on a true story, a close friend shared her experiences and feelings with me which is why I was able to be so expressive in recreating Claire’s emotions. (No Claire McDermott is not the real friend’s name) Like any good work of fiction, there are any number of differences in thisnovel  and the true story, but the emotions are real, many of the incidents that happen are also real.

In addition to the personal experience in this story, there was a ton of research involved – both medical and legal. I delved so deeply into the law regarding custody of children, I’m surprised someone didn’t send a child welfare officer to the house to check me out. (Thankfully that didn’t happen!)

The next chapter of “Cracks in the Sidewalk” takes you back to the point in time when the heart of this story began, so be sure to read the book.

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