Pay it Forward

A dear friend of mine, Sunny Serafino — a wonderful writer with several award-winning novels to her credit — sent the following e-mail to all of her followers and friends. I thought it was so well explained, that I have decided to post it here on the blog. Please know that this is an open invitation, extended to anyone and everyone. My goal is to get an Oprah
Winfrey style book club going with everyone reading Cracks in the Sidewalk for FREE!  Down the road I will be opening a discussion forum where we can all share out thoughts and opinions on this book.

Here’s the e-mail – please copy and paste it into a few thousand e-mails to your friends and family:

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Bette Lee Crosby who is a terrific writer. She lives on the east coast of Florida and has written two books, Cracks in the Sidewalk and Girl Child. BOTH these books took first place literary awards! How’s that for great writing?

Bette is launching herself on the internet in an effort to expand her horizon and get herself known by other avid readers and she’s come up with a terrific idea. By visiting her blog site you can get to read a chapter of Cracks in the Sidewalk and every week she’ll post the next chapter. So, you can read her book,chapter by chapter, FREE.  Bet you’ll get hooked. Also her blog site will offer all kinds of book-related stuff.

SO…go to http:/// and meet Bette. Get started on her latest novel while she’s working on the next. And, if you like what you see, and you will, please share this website with others you think might be interested because the more people who visit the blog will help her reach those who might not ever get a chance to take part in this evolutionary concept. It’s a win—win situation.

Happy reading,

One Comment on “Pay it Forward”

  1. carol raimondi March 14, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

    Can send excerpts of Cracks in the Sidewalk -would love to read.

    Heard great things about the author Bette Lee Crosby

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