Positive Thinking…What Will It Get You?

Tomorrow you will meet a woman who knows the  answer to that question. A woman who addresses adversity with wisdom and has a heart the size of Texas. I met Donna Watkins over twenty years ago when she was fresh out of college. Her positive attitude amazed me then and although she’s since become a wife and mother, it continues to amaze  and inspire me.

I was the VP of Marketing for Bankmark when I met her. Donna was one of fifteen people interviewing for the position of Administrative Assistant, she was number five. I planned to see all fifteen, then decide on the one most qualified for this fast-paced, high-visibility job. The first four came with  marketing experience or a degree in communications. Donna majored in dance. Yet after spending an hour with her, I offered her the job and cancelled the remainder of the interviews. Why? Because she had something that far outweighed a qualifying degree or a few years of experience. She had the power of positive thinking and in my mind that made her better equiped to deal with the challenges she would face. Wonder what Donna did or said to convince me she was the right person for the job?

Tomorrow the story.

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One Comment on “Positive Thinking…What Will It Get You?”

  1. Teri Pinney February 25, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    Women inspiring other women—that’s what Bette Crosby means to me. Thanks so much for all that you do in this regard, Bette! And keep up the great work!

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