Meet Sunny Serafino… Award-Winning Novelist

Sunny Serafino

Always a lover of books, Sunny knew early on she wanted to be a writer but it wasn’t until after she retired from her job as a secretary that she began to write. Word after word, page after page and book after book came to life as her fingers flew across the keyboard. Sure, she faced rejection, don’t all writers? The difference is that Sunny refused to give up. Turning stumbling blocks into stepping-stones she moved ahead to ultimately achieve a goal that many half her age might have deemed impossible.

Fifteen years after she first stuck her toe in that icy cold water of the publishing world, Sunny has three literary awards and a bookshelf of novels bearing her name. In 2004 her novel Echoes won a Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award; in 2005 Secrets won a National League of American Pen Women literary award and in 2008 A Grandma for Christmas  again won the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Award. In all, she has published ten books, nine novels and one true-life memoir. Her novels are based on courageous women from all walks of life and in writing about these women she has found a faithful following.

Her latest book,  Forgiven is currently being considered by  a Christian Publisher. But is there an end to this dream come true? Sunny doesn’t think so, that’s why she continues to write. Visit her at to check out her novels and learn more about this very talented writer.

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