STILETTOS & SCOUNDRELS by Laina Turner Molaski

Stilettos & Scoundrels is a fun read; the kind of book you want to tuck into your tote and take to the beach. The protagonist is 33 year-old Presley; a gal with red hair, a serious addiction to Starbucks, a passion for designer shoes, and a bevy of beaus who won’t take no for an answer. When Presley loses her job because of a “no” to the boss, she lands a freelance writing gig and goes back to her hometown to interview a U.S. Senator. When the Senator is murdered shortly after the interview, Presley finds herself smack in the middle of a scandal that threatens to expose the town’s most prominent citizens. Turner has made this a page-turner with the type of suspenseful intrigue that keeps the reader guessing; just when you think you know who the killer is, she weaves another twist into the plot.

Stilettos & Scoundrels is available on Amazon in both print paperback and Kindle version – I got mine on my Kindle.

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