Lucy Adams puts the fun in Funny!

Recently discovered this delightfully funny book by Southern Humorist Lucy Adams. “TUCK YOU SKIRT IN YOUR PANTIES AND RUN” is a great collection of funny and embarrassing moments that you hope you’ll never encounter, but still you’ll find yourself chuckling as you read of Lucy’s adventures.

I laughed just reading her bio which describes her like this … Mother of four, wife of one, teacher of many, writer of sorts, some days self-critical to the point of paralysis, bossy since birth, Lucy Adams trudges through life wanting a pool in her backyard so badly she can see the chlorine rainbows round the streetlights. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning thinking only of getting back in bed at night.

Her home is well organized. Everything has a place on the floor where she can easily find it, or die tripping over it.

She’s played taps for hundreds of withered houseplants. …Okay, you’ve got to love a sense of humor like this!

TUCK YOUR SKIRT IN YOUR PANTIES AND RUN  is Lucy Adams second book and follows on the heels of her smash hit “If Mama don’t laugh, it ain’t funny” – check her out, visit her blog and bring your funny bone. 

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