In the delightful new children’s book MIRACLES LOVE A BELIEVER, author Stacy Manning Casaluci takes children on a magical tour around the world as they travel with Princess Cirina Marie (Named after Stacy’s daughter) Imagination is a wonderful thing and this book both  inspires and encourages children to use their imagination. Discover the joy of childhood in this whimsical interview with the Princess…

Q:        Who are you?

A:         I am Princess Cirina Marie and I live on the Island of Dreams with my father and mother, the king and the queen.

Q:        Do you have a story to tell?

A:         Well, I wish I had lots of stories to tell, but since I live on an island I don’t get to go many places. So I’ll tell you the story of how I figured out a way to go wherever I want to go!

Q:        Why do you think your story is important?

A:         My story’s important because my guardian angel helps me figure out how to use my imagination to make my dreams come true.

Q:        Can you describe your personality?

A:         I’m usually happy and like to have fun. I have lots of energy and want to learn about everything. I love being outside and going on adventures. I’m kind of a tomboy because I don’t really like to wear dresses. Maybe someday when I get bigger I will, but when I ride my horse, Moondancer, it’s a lot easier in jeans.

Q:        What is your best quality?

A:         I’m a very good friend. Even though I just have dolls and stuffed animals right now, I love them and take very good care of them. I know when I get to go out in the world and have real people friends that I’ll be a good friend to them, too.

Q:        Why do you think kids should read your story?

A:         I think other kids should read my story because they need to know that they have their own guardian angel watching over them and protecting them.

Q:        Who is your best friend and are they in this story?

A:         My best friend is Moondancer, my stuffed animal horse. He’s silver and gold, and always listens and does what he’s told. He’s in the story, and I know if he can grow wings and fly, he’ll let me ride him and we can go wherever we want to go!

Q:        Do you think the author of your story described you accurately?

A:         Yes, I think the author understands me pretty well. I still want to have a lot more

adventures and hope she’ll let me get to have them.

Q:        What makes you happy?

A:         I’m happy when I look out my window and it’s so beautiful I can go run and jump and play. When I ride on Moondancer’s back and we go flying, I get to see mountains and forests and canyons and deserts and towns with people in them, that’s when I’m the happiest of all!

Q:        What makes you sad?

A:         Sometimes I get sad because my father and mother are really busy and I don’t get to spend very much time with them. They have a lot of stuff to do since they’re the king and queen.

Q:        What are you afraid of?

A:         I’m not really afraid of anything. Maybe I just don’t know what there is to be afraid of. I know my guardian angel is always protecting me and that helps.

Q:        What do you wish for more than anything in the whole world?

A:         I think my biggest wish is to have a couple really good people friends to go on adventures with.

Q:        If you could share something with kids all over the world, what would it be?

A:         I would like to share with kids all over the world that using your imagination and dreaming can take you wherever you want to go. We can use our minds to make our dreams become real.

Q:        If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A:         I want to go to Ireland. I’ve seen pretty pictures of it, and it’s an island, but a lot different than mine.

Meet Stacy Manning Cusaluci, Author of Miracles Love A Believer, and Mom to her very own princess.

To purchase Miracles Love a Believer follow this link

Editor’s note – When other little girls were reading Books like Nancy Drew and The Bobsey Twins, I was reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales, so it’s little wonder that I was drawn to the magic of this delightful children’s book. Kudos to Stacy Manning Casaluci!

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