I met Anne through a mutual friend on Linked-in. Our friend mentioned that Anne’s book had zoomed its way into the Barnes & Noble top ten, so I dashed over to take a look. One glance at the cover and I fell in love with the book—I immediately downloaded it onto my Kindle thinking it would
be a satire about NY life. That’s where the surprise came in.

The story is a delightful excursion into the life of Elie, a Jewish woman who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, has a great job and a wealthy husband; then life as she has known it seems to fall apart and Elie begins to discover the truth of her life. This is not a tale of woe; it is story of friendships, overcoming adversity, believing in yourself, dusting off old loves and making dreams come true. Anne used the colorful Yiddish words known to most New Yorkers throughout the book and they added a genuine feeling that she’s been there and done that. But, this is not the story of Anne’s life nor is Elie a personification of Anne—she simply convinces the reader otherwise. Menopause in Manhattan is a multi-layered story that is a must-read for anyone staring fifty in the face.

Menopause in Manhattan is Anne’s first novel, but not her first foray into writing.  She has worked as a Journalist and written a number of unique cookbooks, including “Pomegranates” which made it onto the New York Times list.

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