Spare Change

Goodreads Review

Alle Wells                    rated it        5 of 5 stars

Eleven-year-old Ethan Allen was the last thing Olivia wanted to find at her door. She had never wanted a bunch of children that clung to her like bananas on a stalk. To Olivia, eleven was an unlucky number to be avoided at all cost. Recently wedded and widowed, Olivia had finally begun to live happily in her apartment building where children weren’t allowed. The young boy who was running from the police and had no place to go changed Olivia’s life forever. Ethan Allen had experienced plenty of misfortune in his own life. His mother named her son after the furniture store where she worked and lacked the maternal instinct normally found in the human and animal species. Her focus in life was become a famous singer in New York City. Ethan Allen’s father spent most of his time watching his wife and making sure that she never left him to pursue her dream. The boy had always taken care of himself and had a mindo of his own his own before he knocked at Olivia’s door. This witty story reads like a situation comedy. The characters are hilarious and uplifting. The book moves along quickly from one brilliant scene to the next. In this story, the reader is likely to hear the nostalgic voices of Mayberry.

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