Spare Change

Goodreads Review

Naomi B                    rated it        5 of 5 stars

I am not giving this book 5 stars for the longevity of the book or its’ ability to become a classic, but for the author’s ability to write characters who will absolutely melt your heart and elicit sympathy from the reader. I find that to be a rare ability in the majority of the books I read and this author truly does have that capability. I absolutely fell in love with the little boy in this book, Ethan Allen, and, as a mother, wanted to wrap my arms around him. As I sat down to read this, I found myself pushing away other books that were slotted to be finished to continue on with this book and that is always the sign of a winner to me. I ended up reading this in one day (actually a couple of hours) once it was started. That is not odd, but my engrossment with a book is. This book was recommended to me and usually that doesn’t always work out…with this one the recommender was dead on!! Furthermore, it is a book I will recommend as well!

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