Taking Time for Talk Radio

On Tuesday, December 27th, I had the pleasure of being the featured guest on the WAXE 1370AM talk show “Sabrina UnScripted” and a good time was had by all. Both Sabrina and her producer were wonderful to work with and since she is also an author, we had plenty to talk about. We shared helpful hints for writers, spoke about industry trends, and things that inspire writers. We also discussed the benefits of belonging to Goodreads, the website that is truly a book lover’s paradise. On Goodreads a reader can find reviews, comments and opinions; share thoughts with other readers, and find wonderful books that might have otherwise gone undiscovered. My most recent release “Spare Change” has received a number of Goodreads Reviews, several five-star ratings, and lots of new readers. What fun it is to see the book popping up on so many new To-Be-Read lists.

In addition to hosting a twice weekly radio show, Sabrina is the mother of two boys and author of children’s books, including “The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy” – she is also a business owner, Zumba lover, philanthropist, motivational speaker and literacy coach. Sabrina’s show, as many may know, focuses on philanthropic issues and, like me, she often donates a portion of her book sales to the support of such causes. When I speak at Clubs where they are involved in community issues, I support the cause with 10% of the book sales from that event. It’s a win-win situation and I can feel good for having contributed.

Although it is too late to catch the December 27th broadcast, the interview will be available on http://www.sabrinakcarpenter.com/Sabrina_UnScripted_Radio.html and it is scheduled to be rebroadcast over 107.9 FM Sunday January 1st and will air again on Tuesday January 3rd. If you miss these shows, you can listen to the complete interview on the Sabrina Unscripted website, but it will not be available for about two weeks.

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