I find very few things that are more fun than getting together with other book-lovers and talking about…what else…books! This past week was just chock full of such fun and here’s why…

On Tuesday, the local book club I belong to had their meeting and we discussed last month’s read – Little Princes, One Man’s Promise to bring home the lost children of Napal – by Connor Grennan.  Although the story is non-fiction, we had the liveliest discussion imaginable. We not only discussed some of the children’s issues not dealt with in the story, but we also projected ourselves into the futures of these same children. I am quite proud to say that two of the ladies who belong to our group are volunteers at Guardian ad Litem and they well understand the challenges lost children sometimes face right here in our good old USA. I must say both of these gals work long and hard to protect the best interests of children that might otherwise get lost in the system. Thank you ladies!

The week continued on with a fun-filled book club meeting at PGA’s Island Club where I was the guest of honor at the book club that had read SPARE CHANGE. It is always so much fun for me to talk to groups who have already read the book – because they are loaded with questions about the why and how come of certain events in the book…and the funny thing is that the questions vary considerably from group to group.(WARNING – SPOILERS FOLLOW) This group was very interested in knowing why Olivia did not tell Ethan Allen that it was the second shot she fired that killed Scooter Cobb. Luckily they were very pleased when I explained that it was because Ethan had believed himself a coward for not doing something when his parents were killed but he believed himself a hero when he thought he saved Olivia. Everyone was all smiles when I explained that…of course by then we’d all had a glass of wine and some munchies. Thanks, Anita for inviting me. 

Last, but certainly not least, I got a surprise visit from one of my Goodreads “Virtual Book Buddies” who lives in NJ.  Jackie and her hubby were in Daytona for Bike Week then drove up to Port Saint Lucie to visit relatives. She arrived in PSL late in the afternoon on Thursday and she had to leave by midday Friday, but she e-mailed word she was coming and we arranged to get together for a leisurely breakfast at the Berry Fresh Cafe. Jackie brought along her niece and the three of us talked for two hours, but the time flew by in what seemed like mere minutes. What a wonderful treat and honor it was to finally meet one of the women I’ve grown so close to. I know that some people might think virtual friendships are ridiculous, but I can say quite honestly, mine are as precious as some of those friends I see every day. We have a common interest, a bond if you will, and yes, we can talk about books for hours on end…or until our fingers get weary of typing. I am somewhat of a latecomer to this wonderful world of technology, but once you stick your toe in the water, you never want to turn back. I have met some truly wonderful friends and colleagues that I hope will be with for many years to come. And, as far as books are concerned, the technology of electronic readers is paving the way of the future.

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