Dreams Reign Supreme is a collection of short stories and poetry by Vincent Lowry, author of the acclaimed breakout novel Constellation Chronicles. Readers around the world have praised Vincent’s collection as “beautiful,” “touching,” and “original.”  Much praise has been garnered for Windows on the World, a hertfelt poem about Vincent’s experience  in the North Tower of the World Trade Center before its collapse. 


I’ve been a writer for over ten years and what inspires me to write poetry is identical to what motivates me to create short stories and novels. It’s intriguing people and places. The world is filled with beautiful and surreal characters and environments, and I believe it’s our job as artists to open our eyes to the amazing material that stands before us so we can use it in our art. It could be a homeless person doing a crazy dance on a sidewalk. Or perhaps it’s a mother on a bus who is telling me a story about how her first baby was given up for adoption and how she’s spent her entire life looking for that child.

The best art–whether it comes in the form of a poem, novel, painting, photograph, or sculpture–takes what happens in real life and then redisplays that in a way that makes the observer stop and admire. Billy Collins, the poet, does this well. So too does biographer Neal Gabler, painter Diane Millsap, photographer Brian Kosoff, and, my personal favorite, sculptor Allan Houser (Houser’s creations blow my mind every time I see them). Life inspires art, which leads to art inspiring people. It’s a circular effect.

The trick to good writing–and anything in life, really–is to practice at it. I still learn from my mistakes everyday, and sometimes I have to force myself to put something down on paper no matter how tired or unmotivated I may be that morning or afternoon. It takes an extreme amount of self discipline. But in the end, especially when I see the printed book in my hands, it is always well worth the effort. It’s my piece of finished art.

Vincent Lowry was educated at Tulane University in New Orleans. He has published short stories and poetry in a wide array of magazines and ezines. He is the author of two books, Constellation Chronicles and Dreams Reign Supreme, and he lives in Los Angeles with his son.

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  1. ccaries April 30, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    Looks great! Thanks, Bette!

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