Our local book club meets once a month and the person who selects the book for that month also hosts the discussion group – my most recent pick was “the Night Circus” and with a book that is so delightfully imaginative how could I not go all out in re-creating a fun environment for our meeting.

The living room was transformed into a black and white circus tent with clusters of stars imported from the Stargazer Tent.

The Reveurers each received an admission ticket and they were appropriately dressed in traditional black and white attire with a dash of red to indicate that they were in fact Reveuers … which by the way is the French word for Dreamers.

The buffet included such delicacies as chocolate mice, cinnamon sugary things, and sea creature stuff.

And did I mention the black and white Disappearing Cake?

In addition to all this fun, we also had a discussion of the book, some of the gals loved it, some didn’t. It’s one of those books that you either love or hate. Me, I loved it. I loved the magical prose and the beauty of Erin Morgenstern’s written word. I also loved the magical feel of a fairytale love story unfolding before my eyes. I could picture the majestic clock that stood just beyond the entrance, the fragrance of carmel wafting through the air and the overwhlming love that enabled these two fairytale characters to overcome all adversity.

A book club discussion should not be about just agreeing that a book was a good or not good read – a book club discussion is a voyage of discovery and this one was wonderful.

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One Comment on “BOOK CLUB FUN”

  1. Carol White May 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    This looks positively adorable! What a great idea for a book club.

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