On Monday, June 25th, I was honored to be the guest speaker for the West Palm Beach Chapter of the GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) and it was truly a delightful evening. Mary Evelyn Mitchell, the President of the group welcomed me and did the introductions. This not a huge branch group, but they are outstanding in their accomplishments. Last year the group took top honors in the state for their achievements in philanthropical activities and contributions.

Since this was my first time speaking to this group, I did a reading from Cracks in the Sidewalk and I was delighted with the response. A number of the ladies commented saying that they wished I had kept reading.  As I do at most speaking engagements, I asked how many of the attendees read on a Kindle or Nook. I’m finding that as months and years go by, the e-readers are becoming increasingly popular and for me, that’s marvelous. Not only can you pop in the book of your choice in seconds, but you can download free samples and in many instances, share the book you’ve enjoyed with a friend.  For me the e-book revolution has been awesome. It’s opened up a new world of readers in places where I previously had no distribution – places like the UK and Australia.

Ask me if I read on a Kindle…you betcha, and I read on my iPad as well.


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