Starting today we have a new feature here on my blog, it will be an ongoing series of fabulous recipes for both food and drink. You can mix it in a pitcher, mix it in a shaker, or prepare a fun dish and mix it up with a bunch of book club gals or neighborhood friends.

My guest author for this fab feature is Naomi Blackburn, originator or the The Pub and Grub Blog and creator of heaven knows how many wonderful recipes. If you love finding new epicurean adventures, be sure to follow Naomi at  http://thepubandgrubforum.blogspot.com

JULY IS-GOTTA LOVE A LEMON MONTH…and we’re starting off with Naomi’s Lip-Smacking Lemon Drop Tini (as in Martini)

The “Lemon Drop Tini Kid” by Naomi Blackburn

I can’t even say where I found this recipe. I have been making it for so long that I have it memorized, have doubled it, pitchered it…you name it!
So, here we go and it is an easy one to remember!:

3 oz Citrus Vodka
2 oz Sweet/Sour
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

Rimmer: Lemon drop martini rimmer (optional, but it really makes it pop)

1) Do a rimmer with the lemon drop martini rimmer if desired. Return martini glass to freezer
2) Take chilled shaker out of freezer and put some ice in it.
3) Fill with ingredients. Shake for 60 seconds.
4) Pour into prepared tini glass

ENJOY! (Now could that be any simpler?)

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2 Comments on “MID-WEEK MIXERS”

  1. Stacy Casaluci July 18, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    Yummm, perfect for the summer, Bette!

  2. Carren July 22, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    I’ve discovered a new drink. It’s a shot of sweet tea vodka and Pellegrino Limonata over crushed ice. Very refreshing! Tastes like ice tea, but with a kick!

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