IT’S A SOUTHERN SUNDAY HERE ON WORDS, WIT & WISDOM, so pull up a chair, grab a cool drink and enjoy reading…


Alle’s Summer Bounty

Today has been a perfect day in the South. It began with mid-summer’s misty morning dew, and the sweet mixture of lavender and basil trailing through the back door. I escaped the mid-day heat by driving through the local countryside in search of fresh food markets. Fresh markets are plentiful here due to abundance of farmers in the area. Usually located onsite, the farm stores come housed in big red barns or smaller buildings built to look like big red barns. Some of the best produce can be found at open market stands along forgotten rural highways. Whether the farmers wait inside a building or along the roadside, each customer is met with a hearty welcome and a helping hand. Some of our local Amish and Mennonite farmers sell their own jarred fruits and vegetables, along with freshly ground meat and homemade cheese. Whether I’m searching for tomatoes, jalapenos, blueberries, or fresh corn, I’m sure to find what I need at our local farms. After visiting half a dozen markets today, I found unique treasures and friendly faces in each one.

When the shopping was done, I settled on the front porch with a bowl of chowder peas in my lap. Thunder roared as our daily boomer rolled by. Maggie, my shepherd, squeezed her wide, furry body underneath my chair. Heavy sheets of rain drenched the front porch, causing Maggie and I to retreat inside the front door until the shower moved along.

I delight in the solitude the roaring skies demand after a long, hot day. When the dark clouds drift away, a train whistle blows, and the neighborhood comes to life. White tresses of steam rise from the hot streets of this hundred-year-old Railroad town. Hummingbirds return to the feeders, and children resume to their front yard games. I cherish those brief moments when time stands still, dictated by the roaring, turbulent sky. Summer flies away too quickly, leaving little time to enjoy its sweet pleasures until nature commands us to take a break

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