Welcome to another Southern Sunday and the first in September’s Savoring Summer Series by Alle Wells…  There’s a lot to like about Sunday in the South and this month author Alle Wells is sharing some of her favorites here on Words, Wit and Wisdom. Be sure to come back every Sunday for another sweet surprise.

The Waning of Summer by Alle Wells

Watching the changes in the roadside foliage along a Uwharrie Mountain highway makes September my favorite time of year. Our local mountain range is home to a rare little flower called the Schweintz sunflower. This little beauty can be found on local hillsides in late summer and early autumn. In honor of this lovely time of year, I’d like to share what comes to my mind when I think of the end of summer.

Corn stalks droop in the fields and tobacco turns yellow on the stalk. The cotton is high and the river is low. Butter beans dry on the vine and big blue grapes ripen in the sun. The vegetables are spent and bright summer flowers begin to fade. Orange and black butterflies draw the last drop of nectar from a trace of the sweet Jasmine that has seen better days. Hummingbirds leave their nests and yellow finches return home from the fields. These are the signs of a waning summer.

Along the highway, moist green grasses become tinted with purple and rust hues. Bright yellow ragweed and soft brown cattails spring up in the ditches along country roads. The rolling hills and lawns become drier and a shade lighter. Late afternoon merges into a red hot sunset. A ring of light circles the moon, and a brewing hurricane ushers in a cool evening breeze. These are the signs of a waning summer.

Dawn arrives later and causes me to oversleep. Big yellow school buses greet me in morning traffic. The swimming pools are empty and left silent on hazy afternoons. The high school band tunes up in the distance and a Friday night game is in full play. Chrysanthemums in subdued fall colors sprinkle the marketplace. A county fair is in the works and a hint of Halloween howls on the horizon. These are the signs of a waning summer.

Can you add to my list? What do you think of when September comes to mind? What are your signs of a waning summer? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Thanks for joining me for Southern Sunday!


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  1. Pat Cerro September 4, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    There is an excitement in the air as the children gear up to ready themselves for school. There are new clothes to be bought, sneakers and shoes, school supplies and backpacks. For me personally, September means the closing of the pool that I enjoyed throughout the summer by staying cool in the pool and socializing with friends.

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