First a great big Thank You to all the fans and followers who took time to enter the contest. We had so many entries on this that we not only selected the three top winners, but added six second place winners whose nominated names will pop up throughout the book. The Three top winners will receive an autographed copy of Cupid’s Christmas (as soon as it rolls off the press) and the second place winners will receive a Kindle copy of the book (as soon as it is available.)

How did we choose the names? Luck of the draw. All of the names were written on a square of note paper and quarter-folded. the folded papers were put into a hat (actually it was a plastic mixing bowl) and my ‘Mister Wonderful’ drew the first three winners. Since I still had a few spots throughout the book where I had allowed for the insertion of a friend, nurse, etc – we then drew an additional six names. There we so many beautiful names submitted and some of these names will definitely be found in future stories. I wish I could have used them all in this book, but it would have been impossible. What I will so is keep a list and whenever I use a nominated name I will notify the person who submitted it and they will receive a copy of whatever book that happens to be.

And now for the names First Prize Winners are: Amanda Mullins with the name Amanda, JKB for the name Lorraine to honor her Mom, and Martha Allard for the name Christopher Robert (sorry Martha but I added an “s” and made Roberts the young man’s last name)

Second Prize Winners include the people who submitted the following names: Sydney Harper (used as one name), Donna Bobbs, Midu, Gracie, Genevieve and Josey Leigh.

I will be e-mailing all the winners to get either a mailing address or e-mail for Kindle gift.

This “Click-It” to Fame Contest turned out to be so much fun, I will hard-pressed to come up with something better for the next book.

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One Comment on “AND THE WINNERS ARE…”

  1. Rebecca September 5, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    Bette, the contest was great fun. Thank you for the giveaway and we are looking forward to your new book. Congrats!!

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