Today is a busy Friday, but my hectic day became a lot more fun when I stopped in at Goodreads and saw another wonderful review for Spare Change. Reading that review caused me to stop and think about the generosity of reviewers who not only take the time to read our books, but also write about them and share their thoughts with thousands of other readers. Every successful author owes a debt of gratitude to the reviewers who spread the word, so let me be one of the multitude of authors who can stand up and say HOORAY FOR REVIEWERS!

Pam Torres is a not only a reviewer, she is also a fellow author (Children’s Books, humor & parenting) and she authors a blog called – So, I’m Fifty, What’s it to you? – It’s a blog well worth following, because it has something for everyone – even the pet lovers. Stop over and check it out. Pam writes about her journey through life…and oh yes, she does book reviews that are way more than a review.  To visit Pam’s blog CLICK HERE

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  1. LiterallyJen September 7, 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    Awww, this blog post gives me the warm fuzzies! I still owe you a review; I wish I could read a dozen books in a day just to get through all the ones I want to read!

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