WELCOME TO ANOTHER SOUTHERN SUNDAY…This week Alle has a real treat for you, it’s a sneak peek into Pamela King Cable’s new book Televenge,  which Alle believes will be a smash hit…so settle back and enjoy sharing her thoughts. 


I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Pamela King Cable, author of the brand-new, smash hit Televenge. As I walked over the threshold of Park Road Books in Charlotte, she met me with a sweet smile and a warm hello. Her soft demeanor immediately told me that this woman is southern through and through. As Southerners, we instinctively know who is real and who isn’t. Pam is an original G.R.I.T.S. who came from humble beginnings and doesn’t apologize for who she is. Instead, she applauds it and basks in its rewards. When I read her short stories in Southern Fried Women, I knew that she had driven the back roads of the Piedmont that I love so much. Although I love her work, I’m equally impressed by the author. She told me about her journey as a writer. Writing late into the night, she described being haunted by characters that tapped on her shoulder and whispered into her ear. Televenge consumed ten years of her life. She poured her soul into the story, and it shows.

Life can be as brutal as kudzu amid the soft rolling hills of North Carolina. Televenge reveals hardships that lie beneath the surface of Sunday dinners and pretty, young brides in white dresses. The story begins with a teenage girl named Ande who has a passion for life and dreams of a bright future. Ande’s slow, syrupy voice lulls the reader into the world of down home living and hot summer nights. Eloquent text and moving descriptions turn Ande’s survival in a troubled marriage into an unstoppable story. Young and naïve, she dreams of picket fences and perfect children. Instead, Ande is confronted with a husband who doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t care who she is. Her good looking and gullible husband is lured into a bed of sin by the powerful persona of a celebrity minister. Ande’s husband is caught up in a life of treachery, conspiracy, and murder. She pours out her heart to us, revealing the awful penalties her family and friends paid for a piece of wealth and fame. At the end of the day, Ande’s message to us is that “God never, ever turns His back on us.”

A litany of troubles set in lovely, descriptive prose makes this heartbreaking tale a homerun. Ande Oliver is destined to reign as North Carolina’s newest hero in the tradition of Clyde Edgerton’s Rainey and Ellen Foster by Kay Gibbons. Televenge is nothing short of sheer Southern Fried Genius!

Thanks for joining Alle’s Southern Sunday. Next week, we’ll explore mill town folklore.

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