Step Back To A Simpler Time….

Every North Carolinian knows that October is a great time to head down to the coast for a little fishing. The incoming nor’easters kick up a breeze and send scads of fish to the shores of the barrier islands. For generations, tired tobacco farmers in eastern North Carolina have celebrated the end of a long harvesting season by surf fishing along the shores of the Atlantic.

When I was little, my mother told me about going fishing with her father back in the late 30s, long before there were paved streets, restaurants, condos, and tourists. She remembered riding in her daddy’s green International truck along rural dirt roads through a thicket of longleaf pines. Wispy fronds of Spanish moss draped the sleepy, old streets of the historic towns along the way.

On the coast, a nickel fare would buy a ride in a fishing boat with a local High Tider who knew the ins and outs of the Bogue Banks, along the Chadwick and Alligator Bays. A little bait shack on the narrow shoreline of NorthTopsailBeach was the only game in town back then. They’d buy a bucket of bait and two Pepsi-Colas. Then Mama would sit in the foamy surf near her daddy’s thigh-high rubber boots as he cast his line into the surf. He spouted off the fisherman’s yarns that his grandpa had told him. He told her about a great uncle who retreated back home to Kinston during the siege of FortMacon. He peaked her interest with tales of the notorious Captain Teach and rumors of buried gold on the island.

She’d roam the barren, windswept beaches that glistened as if polished. Walking along, she thought about her great uncle hunkered down in the bunkers at FortMacon. And she wondered if the mysterious Captain Teach was as handsome as he was rich. She climbed the gigantic sand dunes and looked over an ocean, untarnished by off-shore oil rigs. She searched virgin beaches that still produced an abundance of perfect starfish and huge conch shells. The salt air she inhaled smelled clean and untainted by today’s pollutants.

As a young girl, I’d sit on the crowded beaches along the barrier shores and daydream about the beaches back in those days. I wish I could have walked the barren shores that my ancestors knew so long ago. Just the thought of stepping back in time, to a simpler time, free from the hustle and bustle of life, comforts me.

Thanks for joining me for a relaxing Southern Sunday…Alle

Step back into a simpler time with Emily in Lame Excuses as she heads down to the coast, stopping along the way to catch a whiff of sea breeze in her hometown. Her slow, southern ways will draw you in and entice you to stay awhile.

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2 Comments on “TAKING TIME TO ENJOY”

  1. Elle Thornton October 28, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    This is a really beautiful column Alle. Thanks so much for writing it and thanks to Bette for having the wisdom to have you be her weekly guest!

    • Alle Wells October 28, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

      Thanks for reading, Elle! We always look forward to hearing from you. “Step Back To A Simpler Time” is one of my favorite posts.

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