Welcome to a very special Southern Sunday…Author Alle Wells is treating us to an excerpt from her latest novel “Leaving Serenity” and get this…This fabulous read will be available for a  FREE download on Amazon November 6-8, so mark your calendars and be sure to grab a copy. 

Can Dreams Really Come True?

Ask Nikky in Leaving Serenity

Can dreams really come true? Can we achieve our deepest desires simply by believing? Can a homeless, teenage girl manifest her dreams by wallpapering a seedy motel room with beautiful posters? Nikky’s friend, Wednesday, in Leaving Serenity manifested her dreams simply by believing. Wednesday’s visualization techniques inspired another drifting teenager to begin her own journey to success.

Read a bit of Nikky’s journey in this excerpt from Leaving Serenity:

The walls of Wednesday’s room were covered in a collage of posters and pictures cut from magazines. Posters of tropical islands looked down from the ceiling over her bed. My eyes jumped from one piece of the puzzle to the next. The collage felt energizing, as if the walls held a magical power.

Not wanting to break the spell that it cast over me, I whispered, “This is really cool.”

Wednesday sat cross-legged on the bed. “Yeah, well, see why I don’t want Ray in here? That’s why I do my own cleaning.”

I sat next to her and said, “Ray thinks that you turn tricks here.”

Wednesday laughed. “Huh, shows how much he knows, that dumb junkie. Nobody comes in here. This is my secret, and you’re the only one who has seen it.”

I looked up at the pictures of sprawling mansions with huge swimming pools and beautiful models dripping in diamonds. “It’s really nice.”

Wednesday jumped off the bed and threw her arms out. “It’s more than nice; it’s visualization! I see it. I want it. I make it happen. That’s visualization!”

I nodded at the images that filled the room. Wednesday held out her hand. “Come here. I’ll show you.”

She led me to the bathroom where a large poster of her car was pinned over the toilet.

She pointed. “See that? I didn’t get that poster after I paid cash for that car. I saw this poster on the wall when I rode with Carlos to the car dealership to get his car fixed. I sweet-talked a salesman into giving it to me. Then I came home and hung it in here. I looked at it every day, twice a day, and said, ‘That’s my car.’ Exactly one year later, that car was mine.”

 I nodded. “Cool.”

“Hey, do you want some coffee?” she asked, as I followed her back to the bedroom.

 “Yeah, I like it with a bunch of sugar and cream.”

Wednesday poured two cups of coffee from a percolator sitting on top of a small fridge. I looked around the room, noting the nice comforter, refrigerator, coffee pot, and color television that didn’t come with it.

Wednesday continued to dig through the refrigerator, calling back, “I have sugar and milk. I have some glazed doughnuts, too, if you want one.”

I smiled. “Sure! It’s been ages since I had a doughnut.”

Wednesday turned up her nose. “Only problem is, they’re dated today. So I think we’ll have to eat the whole box.”

I laughed and said, “That’s fine by me!”

Wednesday and I sat on her fluffy white comforter with the box of doughnuts between us. She cocked her head to one side as she surveyed the pictures around the room.

“You know, I didn’t have to get that car. I could have just crawled in a hole and died when my daddy left me at that truck stop a little over two years ago. But I didn’t. I don’t know what I would’ve done if Carlos hadn’t been there. He gave me a job and talked Ray into letting me have this room.”

“How did you come up with the idea of visualization?”

 Wednesday laughed. “An old tightwad used to come into the Waffle Stop. Instead of leaving a tip, he’d say, ‘As you believe, so shall it be.’ After a while, it stuck in my head, and I started pinning stuff I wanted on the wall.”

Wednesday pointed to the pictures. “There’s my leather handbag, my Chanel No. 5, and a $5,000 dollar bill that I drew myself. Next stop is Miami!”

Find out what happens next by downloading your free copy of Leaving Serenity this week on Amazon!

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