Book lovers who read on Kindle are already aware of the highlighting feature …you see a passage you like and can electronically highlight it… not only can you highlight your favorite passages, but you can also see what other Kindle readers have highlighted.

This awesome feature is now available for all Amazon browsers to see.

POPULAR HIGHLIGHTS & SHARED COMMENTS can be found at the very bottom of the book page. Visit Amazon and go to the book you want to look at. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, look for Popular Highlights and Shared Comments, then have fun browsing. Personally I love this new feature and I love that the author profile featured just above this now includes the Author’s Amazon Ranking.

Scroll down the book page, past reviews and your will see the author bio and ranking…continue on…

Scroll past Author Bio...

And you’ll come toPopular Highlights …Shared highlights

So if you are reading on a Kindle, go ahead – highlight what you like, comment on what you don’t. It’s your way of communicating directly with the author. And trust me when I say, we all love hearing from our readers *_*


Making people think they can’t scrape up enough to buy a dime’s worth of happiness, is the Devil’s doing; that’s his way of handing out heartaches. The Good Lord don’t do things that way—when he sees a person’s flat out of hope and feeling dead broke, He slips a bit of spare change into the bottom of their pocket; not a lot maybe, but enough for them to get by.” (23 highlights)

‘people don’t find a home, they gotta make one. Sometimes sad folks hurry off to some new place and then when they get there, they say, why this ain’t home at all—thing is, you got to give it time. You got to set growing things on the window sill, say howdy to your neighbors and write little notes on the wall calendar, then one day you get a whiff of your own stew simmering and it hits like a brick dropped square onto your head—you’re right where God intended you to be.’” (13 highlights)

The kind of fear that chewed holes in a person’s heart—holes so cavernous, every last drop of hope leaked out and left them believing they’d never again be safe, never again be loved (10 highlights)

To read More Spare Change Highlights on Amazon, CLICK HERE then scroll to the bottom of the page


wisdom—every human should have a dog because somewhere between the bark and the wag of a tail is a heart that’s bigger than your own and the truth of what love is all about. (5 highlights)

True love happens with the brush of an eyelash or the touch of a hand, it’s gentle and sweet, it tells a human I’m here and I’ll be here forever. (4 highlights)

Inside of every heart there is a tiny spot that remains forever young. (5 highlights)

No moment ever comes around a second time. You have one chance to use each moment, you can use it to love and be happy or you can use it to be angry and hateful. (3 highlights)

To read more Cupid’s Christmas highlights on Amazon CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page

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  1. Diana Murdock December 1, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    I had no idea, Bette! Okay, I’m off to check this out! Thanks 🙂

  2. emaginette December 1, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    Nice, love the highlighs shared. 🙂

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