Cupid’s Christmas…What’s to Love?

Cupid's_Christmas-9Christmas is a time for celebration and traditions. And the beauty of it is that there is no limit to the number of traditions one can have. For me, it’s the traditional tree in our family room and ornaments that have been handed down for countless decades. It’s family dinners – mincemeat pie and fruitcake, bright red Christmas Stockings and listening to Pandora’s Christmas Station as I carry my iPod from room to room. It’s also time for reading at the very least ONE fun Christmas story. This year I did more than read a Christmas Story…I wrote one.  And, I am delighted to say, it seems that people are enjoying reading Cupid’s Christmas as much as I enjoyed writing it.

With the new Amazon feature that shows ‘SHARED NOTES & POPULAR HIGHLIGHTS’ I and all my book-loving friends can see what other readers are loving about the book.  Yesterday Cupid’s Christmas was one of the books Amazon featured as their Kindle Daily Deal, so i thought this would be a great time to share some of the fun passages readers are highlighting. Enjoy….

“There are no buts in life, you either do or you don’t. No moment ever comes around a second time. You have one chance to use each moment, you can use it to love and be happy or you can use it to be angry and hateful. I’m choosing to love and be happy.”

“Inside of every heart there is a tiny spot that remains forever young. That’s the spot where love grows, where hope never dies and miracles can still happen.”

“True love happens with the brush of an eyelash or the touch of a hand, it’s gentle and sweet, it tells a human I’m here and I’ll be here forever.”

“…every human should have a dog because somewhere between the bark and the wag of a tail is a heart that’s bigger than your own and the truth of what love is all about.”

“What begins as a wild and passionate tango evolves into a waltz, with two bodies bending and moving together, whirling across the potholed landscape of life.”

Want to read more? Click Here to visit Amazon and download a free sample to your Kindle.



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