Tequila Sunset Pomegranate Punch

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0505b 001Tequila Sunset Pomegranate Punch

The Pub and Grub has drink recipes featured every Wednesday on author Bette Lee Crosby’s Words, Wit and Wisdom. This feature allows me to present not only some classic favorites, but some Naomi Blackburn originals too. One of the things that I love most about this guest post is that it allows me to be creative with drink themes. For May, it was, of course, Cinco de Mayo with a nice selection of tequila based drinks. I had tried a drink I had come across in a cookbook that I found to be absolutely disgusting, but it has a nice base of tequila and orange juice. I took off from there and voila….The Tequila Sunset Pomegranate Punch was conceived.

The big thing with this drink is that the pomegranate juice is added AFTER the drink is poured into its glass. It will sink to the bottom but is BEAUTIFUL as it is doing it.

It has a citrus flair with the hint of pomegranate. If desired, it can be served with a straw to bring up more of the pomegranate taste. I didn’t see this as a necessity though. So, here we go!:
Ingredients:   (12 servings)
1 qt orange juice (packaged or fresh squeezed)
12 oz BLANCO tequila
1/2 cup lime juice (FRESH SQUEEZED)
1/3 triple sec
2 cans (12 oz) lemon lime soda, very well chilled
12 oz pomegranate juice (poured as a 1 oz topper on each drink)
1) In a large pitcher, pour in first 4 ingredients and allow to chill well.
2) Close to serving time, add the lemon lime soda
3) Pour into glasses filled with ice.
4) Top with the 1 oz pomegranate juice on each of the drinks. Serve with a straw and garnish with orange and lime slices, if desired.
For more great food and drink recipes, visit Naomi at http://thepubandgrubforum.blogspot.com

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2 Comments on “Tequila Sunset Pomegranate Punch”

  1. sherry fundin May 23, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    Sounds like you enjoyed making it as much as drinking it. lol Looks yummy. I love stopping by and sampling new cocktails. ^_^

  2. Tiffany A White May 24, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    Flat. Out. Yum.

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