Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Laugh!

Best friends in matching colors (not planned)

Best friends in matching colors (not planned)

photo2I can talk about books all day. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. I seldom tire of talking about books. Good books, bad books, books I’ve read and even books that I might someday read. I chat about books online, on the phone, and even with the hairdresser at the beauty parlor. But my favorite place to discuss books is with the gals of my book club. This month we met to discuss the monthly selection which was Mitch Albom’s “The TimeKeeper.”

In most instances, the book club has in-depth discussions. We dissect the characters, chop up the story and get to the heart of what worked and what didn’t. We also drink wine. And eat chocolate. But that doesn’t interfere with our book discussion…that was until this month.

Renee finishing the last few pages

Renee finishing the last few pages

At this month’s meeting, Spring rolled in fast and furiously. It came with an abundance of color and laughter.  It came with a new appreciation of time, especially time spent with friends. What began as a discussion of how the characters in the book misused their time, rapidly escalated into a laugh-fest about how each of used our time.

One of the gals in our group had recently taken a 48 day cruise, which is unquestionably quite a chunk of time. Her stories of the events that happened aboard ship during that time was beyond hilarious. I could  try to retell the stories she shared with us, but it wouldn’t seem nearly as funny without the wine, and the chocolate , and the other gals.

This much I can share with you…there is nothing more wonderful than having a group of friends to spend photo3the good times with. Grab those times and hold onto them, because right now you’re living the time of your life.

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One Comment on “Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Laugh!”

  1. lynno4760 April 15, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    Bette, what a great time we had. I LOVE Book Club. I love it so much that I read both books while I was on the cruise, even though I couldn’t join the discussion. One never wants to be left out! I can’t wait to read What Matters Most! Thanks for being YOU!

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