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MOMToday I was at the dentist’s office and happened to hear a television show called “Open Mike” that was broadcast on HLN.  The question they were asking was directed to moms and in my opinion it was a horrific question to ask.

Call-in viewers were asked “Do you have a favorite child?” The interesting thing is that a surprising number of callers did admit to having a favorite child. How sad. You can only hope that the less-favored child was not listening to the show.

It was also interesting to hear the flip side of that coin…A number of viewers called in and told of how rejected they felt because all along they had known their sibling was Mom’s favorite. Even sadder.

It may seem that one child is better behaved or one may be moody or hard to please, but do they really deserve less love? In you are inclined to favor one child over the other…stop and think a moment. Do you really want that child to live with knowing that for the remainder of their life?

It could be that the child who is moody or has tantrums, is screaming out for your love. Give it and give it freely. Jesus Christ never judged a child nor did he ever have a favorite. Let’s all try to follow in His footsteps.

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4 Comments on “Take A Moment to Think…”

  1. fighting4commonsense June 16, 2013 at 12:13 am #

    Wise words!

  2. fuonlyknew June 16, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    Great post Bette.

    I only have one child, so of course, he is my favorite, but I could never imagine favoring one child over another. Or, letting the other children know such a thing.

    Each child is an individual and should be loved as much for their differences.

  3. emaginette June 16, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    More than one family is dysfunctional. Scars of emotional, or physical damage can taint behavior. When someone has been affected by those scars looking at another is like looking in a mirror.

    The problem is some people can only see the things they hate about themselves looking back at them. It’s those reminders that make relationships hard. We can’t all be enlightened and get past something like this. The child is rejected, not because of the who they are but because of who their parent is.

    Lived it, got past it and have character because of it. 🙂 That’s me.

  4. Linda S Moore June 16, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    This sure hit home with me except I was my mother’s least favorite child out of 6. She had 3 boys when I was born and I often wondered if she was the least bit happy about finally having a little girl. But through my whole life she never hid the fact that she didn’t care for me. She hated me from the time I was born and I know it. She was very abusive both mentally and physically to me and when I was 17 she raised her hand to hit me and something inside of me snapped. I was not going to be hit ever again and I told her if she hit me that one of us was going to be hurt and hurt bad. I meant it too. I got my purse and walked out the door and never looked back. I called my fiance and he came and got me. We have been together ever since and I am now 55yrs old. I have a wonderful life now and I never see her anymore. I hate to see people make a difference in their children, when it is obvious that one is treated better than another. I only had one child and love her more than anything in the world. If I had a dozen I would love them all the same. I know each child is different but love is love no matter what. I am lucky that I have a wonderful life and that I didn’t let what happened to me make me a bitter person. I just stay away from the woman that gave birth to me and away from my dad who left when I was 4yrs old knowing he was leaving me with a crazy woman. I had a foster mom for several years and it was one of the happiest times of my life until my mother made me come back home. There is a better life out there and I hope and pray that children that are abused can find that out before it is too late or before they go and ruin their lives by doing something stupid to get away. I guess I was lucky in that my fiance was also my best friend and still is. 🙂

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