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A Girl’s Guide to Changing a Tire…

Funny how something like a word, a gesture, or a phrase can trigger a thought that opens a floodgate of memories. I recently heard a Southern Mama advise her daughter to take auto mechanics in school because every woman should know how to fix her own car, then she should look helpless enough to have […]

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Today is Saturday and since I am busy doing lots of cleaning chores I really don’t love doing, I came up with this fun little poem to bring a smile to other who are doing likewise…Enjoy! ODE TO HUSBANDS I surely am a terrible spouse, I have no love for cleaning house When dust upon […]

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Southern Book Carnival 10/11-14

Thanks to Christy’s Book Addiction I’m doing a comment challenge and giveaway of A Home in Hopeful.  If you’ve read Spare Change, you’ve already met Canasta Jones. In that story she was a woman in her nineties, and blessed with an outlook on life that few come to know. Her ‘down-home’ advice changed the life […]

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CLUBHOUSE BFF’s are the Best!

As many of my followers know, I have a private Clubhouse Group on Facebook…it’s called Bette’s BFF Clubhouse. The BFF stands for Best Friends & Fans, and they truly are. You might think that because it’s a fan club, we all go there to gush about my books…but you would be so wrong. The reason the […]

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The Legend of the Rolling Pin

I’ve shared a lot about the heritage of my family in the past few days, now I’d like to share one more thing… The following is a poem written for Ruth and Clifford Pence by their daughter Rita Lou. I don’t think I need to give you much of a background here, I think Rita […]

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The Green Side of the Mountain – Part 2

Many years have passed since I spent summer vacations in Coal Fork, West Virginia…and during those years a number of things happened.  Rita, the third sister, discovered she was unable to have children and adopted a little girl; a few years later Breast Cancer took her life and the child was sent to live with […]

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On the Green Side of the Mountain…

We live in a world where plenty is the norm, where kids wear designer sneakers and carry the latest technology in their back pocket. We become agitated when our computer takes more than 29 seconds to boot. We text our friends, download a new movie and send out for sushi…but how often do we stop to consider how truly fortunate […]

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Christmas in July

Everybody loves Christmas…and what’s not to love? It’s a season that brings out the best in us, makes us feel generous of heart, and…we get presents! I think Christmas can be every day of the year, if you want it to be. So in the spirit of the season, I’m hosting a Christmas in July […]

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Meet the One-Armed Gingerbread Man

   <<<This is the one-armed Gingerbread Man. This is the reason the Gingerbread Man only has one arm >>>>>

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Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Laugh!

I can talk about books all day. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. I seldom tire of talking about books. Good books, bad books, books I’ve read and even books that I might someday read. I chat about books online, on the phone, and even with the hairdresser at the beauty parlor. But my favorite place to […]

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Sunshine Award

What could be nicer that receiving an Award for Spreading Sunshine? … Great Fun and another example of Book Bloggers having fun and sharing the love. Later in the month I will be answering Sherry Fundin’s Sunshine Award questions, but until then, stop by her blog and read some of the fun answers she had […]

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Meet the Graduate

SUGAR HAS OFFICIALLY EARNED HER PUPPY TRAINING CERTIFICATE! It is now official, Sugar has passed her Puppy Training Course. Before you start laughing, this was no easy task, trust me. I spent countless hours practicing Stay, Drop it, and Sit, but I watched with pride as she ran through the challenges of her achievement test. […]

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Sugar Goes to School

As everyone knows, I am a sucker for sugar, both the sweet stuff and the fluffly white tornado that is now a part of our family. We got Sugar when she was just 8 weeks old and she has been working on training us ever since.  So far, we haven’t taught her anything but she has taught us […]

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March Madness Treasure Hunt

THE TREASURE HUNT… It’s that time of year, you know what time I mean…March, the month when husbands disappear for days on end as sixty-four college  basketball teams fight their way toward the Championship.  If you are not a basketball fan, or have a minimal tolerance for nacho platters and loud screaming, then click on […]

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Meet the Gals of Santa Lucia River Club

Shown here are some of the wonderful gals I met at the Santa Lucia River Club. For an author, few things are as much fun as speaking with a group of book lovers and that’s exactly what these ladies are. They invited me to speak at their Ladies Club meeting and before the afternoon was over I felt as […]

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The Library Club of Mariner Sands

On Thursday, February 21st, I had the pleasure of speaking at a Ladies Tea hosted by the Library Club of Mariner Sands Country Club. It was a wonderful afternoon with yummy little sandwiches and desserts…lots of desserts. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun events like this are. Not only do I get […]

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