Cracks in the Sidewalk Reviews


A Book And A Review had the following to say about Cracks in the Sidewalk:

This book has the hallmark high quality writing of Bette Lee Crosby. Her characters are consistently written in a vivid manner as though the reader is following them through a looking glass to the inner sanctum of their lives and her stories are incredibly fast pased.

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A Book Addict’s Musings had the following to say:

Every once in a while an author comes along who writes with such heart and compassion, that even a book with a storyline that explores a difficult subject in such a way that I can not put it down, and would choose to read it more than once. For me, I can count the number of books one one hand where that is true. Also, for me, Bette Lee Crosby is one of those authors and Cracks in the Sidewalk is one of those books.

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