A lot of bad things can happen in a dog’s life…I know, ’cause some of those things happened to me.  I guess I have always been what people call dog, because the first I remember of life is being in a box with three brothers and Dog Mom. Dog Mom let us suck on her spouts so we got warm milk. That was good, but it didn’t last long.  ….Read more



We live in a world where plenty is the norm, where kids wear designer sneakers and carry the latest technology in their back pocket. We become agitated when our computer takes more than 29 seconds to boot. We text our friends, download a new movie and send out for sushi…but how often do we stop to consider how truly fortunate we are to have all this at our fingertips?

Oh, we read about brave and noble characters who have overcome life’s toughest challenges, and we’re touched by those stories. We even pass the book along to a friend, unless of course it’s on our Kindle. For those of you who have read Jeanette Walls The Glass Castle you might think being poor means fly-by-night, irresponsible, down-on-my-luck circumstances that entitle a person or an entire family to behave badly…but I know better….Read more


Network LunchON A DAY WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT… The nicest things can happen.

One such thing happened to me recently at the St. Lucie Networker for Business Women luncheon. To begin with this is a wonderful group of women who meet for lunch once a month to network and promote their businesses. Some of the attendees bring door prize offerings to be given out in a business card drawing. Plenty of goodies here – wine, candy, note paper, and lots of things pertaining to an individual business. (One gal represents a moving company and she frequently contributes those handy-dandy sliders that make it easy to move an armoir from one side of the room to the other.)  I donated a copy of “Cracks in the Sidewalk” and a financial planner from Vero Beach won the book. That was two months ago.

The way these luncheons are organized is that we start off with the door prize drawing, then each attendee gets 30-60 seconds to introduce themself and promo their business. (You’d be surprized at how much can be said in that seemingly small amount of time) After everyone has taken a turn at that, we sit back to have desert, coffee and testimonials. This is a time when anyone in the group can get up and talk about their experience of doing business with another of the group’s members. This is always the most fun and often the most surprizing part of the presentation. There is no time limit on this presentation and only one rule…you are up there to endorse someone else’s business, not your own… Read more

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