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LIFE IN THE LAND OF IS…The Amazing Story of Lani Deauville, The World’s Longest Living Quadriplegic is now available in both Kindle and print formats – a Nook book is in the works and will soon be available.

This is a story that will both amaze and inspire you…Lani Deauville believes in “IS”…yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be but “IS” is now and it’s the truth of reality. In this beautifully captured memoir…READ MORE



Looking back, I must say 2011 was an exciting year, but 2012 holds even greater promise. In 2011, Bent Pine Publishing took me into the world of Digital Publishing with the release of both Spare Change and Cracks in the Sidewalkin Kindle and Nook formats…and what a ride it has been! Before I get into the exciting things happening in 2012, I’d like to look back and share my thoughts on all that has happened.

Once I learned that in addition to the trade paperback versions, both of my books would be available in the digital format, I broke down and bought a Kindle. Up until that point I had been one of those die-hard holdouts who swore I’d never use an e-reader. Too much like working on the computer, I said.  Yes, as the song goes, “I was blind, but now I see!”  …Read more



Sarasota, Saturday, November 5, 2011:  At the Florida Publishers Conference, Chris Angerman, President of the Association announced that Bette Lee Crosby’s novel “Cracks in the Sidewalk” was the winner of the 2011 President’s Book Award for Adult Fiction. She was presented with an award certificate and Gold Medal commemorating the event.

In 2011 the President’s Book Award competition was open to all Florida writers, publishers and literary agents as well as Association Members so the number of participants was almost doubled and the competition fierce. The Adult Fiction category, included romance, mystery, and suspense along with the women’s fiction Crosby specializes in writing. The independent Judging Committee consisted of mostly librarians and industry  professionals.

In Addition to the President’s Book Award, “Cracks in the Sidewalk” also took first place honors in the 2009FWA Royal Palm Literary Competition. In all, Crosby has won four awards for her published work which  includes “Girl Child” and “Spare Change” in addition to “Cracks in the Sidewalk”  in 2011 she won another Royal Palm Literary Award for the manuscript of “What Matters Most” a novel that is scheduled to be published in 2012. …Read more



Crosby is shown here with Helga McCahan

Following is the latest press release on my speaking engagements…the release tells what I spoke about, but the real joy in this speaking engagement was the wonderful people I had the chance to meet and an unforgetable luncheon. A special shout-out to Helga McCahan for her delightful company and hospitality.

Three-timeaward-winning Author, Bette Lee Crosby was the guest speaker at the May luncheon meeting of the Vero Beach Yacht Club Ladies Group. She spoke about the joy of writing and the real life situations that inspire her work.

…Read more



 Author, Bette Lee Crosby, made a personal appearance at the September meeting of the Port Saint Lucie Women’s Club, a group that is part of the International GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs.) The luncheon meeting was held at the Holiday Inn on Federal Highway.

Crosby, who is well-known for her sensitive portrayals of family relationships, spoke in depth about her latest release, Cracks in the Sidewalk, the novel that received the 2009 Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writer’s Association. “This story,” Crosby told the audience, “is taken from a tragic incident that happened in the life of a dear friend. The loss of this woman’s grandchildren was such a moving tale that, once told to me, it stayed in my mind for nearly ten years before I summoned the courage to actually write about it. Yes, in some ways this is a sad story, but in the end it’s life affirming. It’s the type of story that proves just how much a single person can change the lives of so many others.”

…Read more



 In September, Author Bette Lee Crosby, made a personal appearance at the First Annual Meeting of the Temple Beth El Israel Sisterhood, the women’s group involved in numerous charitable endeavors. The luncheon meeting was held at the Temple on Bethany Drive in Saint Lucie West. …Read more

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