Life in the Land of “Is” Reviews

Kimba the Caffeinated Reviewer had the following to say:

I will always be thankful to Betty for asking me to review this. It is truly an inspirational story, of human courage and the power of living in IS moments. I laughed more then I cried, and Lani’s story touched me.  It is the kind of story that stays with you.

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Naomi B had the following to say about this book:

….The other reason that this was a 5 star read for me was the manner in which it was written was that I felt like Lani was actually speaking to me and telling me her story vs. it being written by an author. Although, it is basically a biography, it is written as though it is a memoir. I don’t think the book could pack quite the punch it did for me had it been written as a biography.

Although this was written on Goodreads, you can read more on Naomi’s blog


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