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Layered Pages

The Twelfth Child is the second book I have read by Bette Crosby. Her unqiue style of writing is timeless and her character building is inspiring. I admired the protagonist Abigial and her resilience to life and situation. She is a character of strength and courage, we can all learn a lesson from. Bette has such a way with words that you feel the happiness, love, hate, sadness, greed, and outrage of the characters. …READ MORE



Seattle Post Intelligence

Bette Lee Crosby’s Spare Change is a quirky mix of Southern flair, serious thoughts about important things in life, madcap adventures of a young boy and a late change of heart that made all the difference in the life of an unusually independent woman. More than anything, it is a heartwarming book, which is simultaneously intriguing and just plain fun…READ MORE

Goodreads review by Naomi B

I am not giving this book 5 stars for the longevity of the book or its’ ability to become a classic, but for the author’s ability to write characters who will absolutely melt your heart and elicit sympathy from the reader. I find that to be a rare ability in the majority of the books I read and this author truly does have that capability. I absolutely fell in love with the little boy in this book, Ethan Allen, and, as a mother, wanted to wrap my arms around him. As I sat down to read this, I found… Read more


Goodreads review by Susan

I fell in love with all of the characters in this book especially the people who lived in the apartment building. But no one captured my heart like Ethan Allen. What that poor boy had to go through was heartbreaking! But in the end it was all perfect and I was smiling the whole time reading  the last few pages. This is my first read by Bette  and I. Look forward to reading more! Well done Bette!

Goodreads review by Alle

Eleven-year-old Ethan Allen was the last thing Olivia wanted to find at her door. She had never wanted a bunch of children that clung to her like bananas on a stalk. To Olivia, eleven was an unlucky number to be avoided at all cost. Recently wedded and widowed, Olivia had finally begun to live happily in her apartment building where children weren’t allowed. The young boy who was running from the police and had no place to go changed Olivia’s life forever…. Read more


Goodreads Review by Jax

I had no idea what to expect from this book when I received an early release ebook edition. I was definitely pleasantly surprised, and thoroughly enjoyed the story. It was very heart warming and I am so glad that I read it. I look forward to more by this author, and would recommend it to be read by others…. Read more

Goodreads review by Kelly A

I had no idea what to expect from this book when I received an early release ebook edition. I was definitely pleasantly surprised, and thoroughly enjoyed the story. It was very heart warming and I am so glad that I read it. I look forward to more by this author, and would recommend it to be read by others.


Amazon Review by ERG (Midvale, UT)

Another great one from Bette Lee Crosby!,November 16, 2011

Award-winning author Bette Lee Crosby brings readers another heart-warming story about a strong woman who learns life’s greatest joys often come in the form of the very thing we reject. In 1923 Olivia Westerly holds her head high and marches out of her Virginia home. At a time when the highest ambition of most of her girlfriends is to marry and have babies, Olivia knows for certain that isn’t the life for her. At the age of 25 she decides to live her life on her own terms, despite her father condemning her decision and then telling her never to … Read more
To read an excerpt from SPARE CHANGE or see additional reviews on Amazon CLICK HERE


Review by Tara Alemany bor AleWeb Social Marketing

While most of my book reviews are relevant to social media, business, job seeking, technology or leadership, I recently was offered the chance to read some lighter fare; a book by Bette L. Crosby called “Cracks in the Sidewalk,” which is an award-winning novel about a grandmother’s 20-year search for her missing grandchildren. Since I knew I needed a break from what I had been reading and the holiday season is upon us, I thought perhaps you might enjoy something different as well. Read more


AMAZON REVIEW by Bria Burton

The heart-wrenching story is about Claire McDermott, who cares for her adult daughter, Liz, when doctors discover an incurable brain tumor. Liz’s husband, the deplorable JT Caruthers, abandons her and wreaks further emotional havoc in Claire and Liz’s life when he refuses to allow Liz’s three children to see their mother. Claire and Charlie McDermott do all they can to support Liz while trying to coax JT into doing the right thing. Once, that includes knocking down his door with a sledgehammer. More often, it involves long-suffering for Claire and Charlie. When I read the book, I felt so moved emotionally. I was crying at the end. Claire and Charlie (Liz’s parents) suffer watching their only daughter not only deteriorate physically, but brave the insults and slights of the man she still loves. He holds all the cards, and does all he can to make sure Liz dies without ever seeing her children again. Claire begs God for answers and often feels left with nothing. Yet she never gives up hope for her daughter and her grandchildren. She is certainly an honest character I admire. The writing, in my opinion, flowed beautifully on the page. The depth of characters and insight… Read more


Amazon Review by Sandy Steele

“Cracks in the Sidewalk,” is a thoughtful and remarkable novel! The book covers over twenty years and every human emotion imaginable. Lust, hate, unrequited love and unending love, all wrapped together into this novel from a spiritual and extraordinary writer, Bette Crosby. The story includes both a deeply troubled marriage with an almost perfect marriage and everything in between. In the beginning, the author slowly weaves her tale about relationships gone haywire. After reading the first third of the book, I couldn’t put it down until I finished the last two thirds, smiling and weeping along the way… Read more


Amazon Review by ERG for Bookpleasures

When a father and mother lose the only child they have, to what lengths will they go to keep their grandchildren close? And how do they keep those children in their lives when someone actively opposes their presence? Bette L. Crosby answers these questions and poses several challenges to her main characters in her book Cracks in the Sidewalk. The book opens in 2006 when Claire McDermott, an elderly woman, receives a letter she’d always hoped to get but never thought she actually would. The letter is from her youngest grandson, Christian, wanting to know more about his mother. Christian and his older brother and sister have had no contact with Claire since the early 1980s. As Claire reads and then…. Read more


Amazon Review by Melanie Young

Imagine your grandchildren being ripped from your life, as your daughter is losing hers. This is what happened to Claire and Charlie McDermott when their daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Elizabeth’s loser husband, Jeffrey, denies his wife and in-laws access to the children until they hire a lawyer and sue for custody. The judge grants Elizabeth visitation, but because of her failing health, leave the children in the custody of…. Read more


GoodReads Review by Anne Kleinberg, author of Menopause in Manhattan

I “met” the author of this book, Bette Lee Crosby, through the Internet. She was kind enough to send me congrats on my book “Menopause in Manhattan” and I was delighted to be able to read “Crack in the Sidewalk”. All I can say is WOW! I just finished it – with tears streaming down my face. It will take you to many places – a beautiful marriage, a horrible marriage; a mother’s fierce and devoted love for her daughter and… Read more


To read an excerpt from CRACKS IN THE SIDEWALK or see additional reviews on Amazon CLICK HERE

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