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Literary Fiction

Please join me in welcoming Elaine Drennon Little as she shares and interesting experience that many authors can relate to.  I was particularily drawn to this article since all of my books are categorized as Literary Fiction, because they are primarily character-driven… but here is a new slant on the thinking. LITERARY FICTION by Elaine […]

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This One’s for the Girls…

COMING SOON…A SPECIAL CELEBRATION OF WOMEN Six Bestselling Authors, Loads of prizes and giveaways and special stories about the women we are and the women we love. Visit us on Facebook and watch for the details EVENT STARTS RIGHT HERE ON SUNDAY APRIL 28TH   Bette Lee Crosby – Winner of Ten Literary Awards, Author of Spare Change […]

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The Dream You Make

Wow…I am so pleased to be one of the first to introduce Christine Nolfi’s upcoming release… ‘THE DREAM YOU MAKE” will be released this April! Be sure to include it on your “Must read” list because it sounds like a winner! Like many of Christine’s other books, it offers glimpses of life to warm your […]

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Treasure Me is a Treasure!

Treasure Me was a Finalist, 2012 Next Generation Indie Awards The Midwest Book Review says:  “Highly Recommended” My take: Loved it! Characters who will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book. NOW…LET’S LOOK AT TREASURE ME by Christine Nolfi Petty thief Birdie Kaminsky has arrived in Liberty, Ohio to steal a treasure hidden since […]

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March Madness is Wild

Another Winner to announce and today it is Leslie Storey. Leslie has won a signed  paperback copy of SECOND CHANCE GRILL by Christine Nolfi- I know she will enjoy this book, I loved it! You might want to stop by Christine’s blog to pay her a visit and say thanks. Here’s the link: http://www.christinenolfi.com Enjoy […]

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Second Chance Grill

Readers, today you are in for a very special treat…this is the start of a three-day special featuring the novels of Christine Nolfi. The reason I am doing it this way is that these first two novels go together and on day three, we will be introducing a brand new novel that even I can […]

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Chocolate Reality

THURSDAY’S LUCKY WINNER is… MELODIE BENNETT Melodie, you are in for a sweet treat…our special gift today is CHOOLATE REALITY a delightful novella by the Bestselling author Steena Holmes. I think you are going to enjoy this sweet story, I know I did. If you haven’t already visited Steena’s blog, why not stop by and […]

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The Book You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here!

TODAY IS THE DAY to meet my newest release… WHAT MATTERS MOST is a fun story that will have you chuckling out loud at the antics of Louise and her friends, and sighing with delight when she finally discovers what matters most. Any woman who has ever loved a best friend will want to read this […]

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Cupid's Christmas

Today’s winner is…

ELIZABETH PETROVICH is today’s winner in the March Madness Treasure Hunt. Elizabeth, you have won a Kindle copy of the fun novel Cupid’s Christmas. This is a story that is sure to get you smiling as you follow Cupid in his antics to bring lovers their perfect match. Cupid’s Christmas is a sweet story that can be enjoyed year-round. […]

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The Monday Treasure Hunt Winner…

AMANDA RAY…And lucky Amanda will win an e-book copy of FINDING EMMA, the Amazon Bestseller authored by Steena Holmes. Thousands have enjoyed this novel and it led to the recent three-book contract that Steena recently signed with amazon Publishing, so I know you will enjoy reading it. Amanda, if you haven’t already visited Steena’s blog, […]

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Bestselling Author Steena Holmes

ANOTHER DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Time to meet Steena Holmes, author of the incredible bestseller FINDING EMMA…and today Steena has a secret she’s willing to share. Get ready, this is hot news! Today Steena is giving us a peek at what we can expect when EMMA’S SECRET is released on June 25th. I know, I know…you’re dying to see the […]

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Congratulations to…

CAROL UMFER the Sunday winner of our Treasure Hunt Giveaway. Carol has won a Kindle copy of THE BRIDGE CLUB by Patricia Sands. The Bridge Club is a delightful story of eight women and four decades of friendship that is tested in more ways than is imaginable. Carol, if you haven’t had a chance to visit Patricia Sands […]

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Tomorrow as my guest…

THE FABULOUS STEENA HOLMES…Author of the bestselling novel Finding Emma. Ad, as a special surprise, Steen will be sharing a few words about EMMA’S SECRET which will be released in June. Be sure to be here for the fabulous giveaway.

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Meet Author Patricia Sands

DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Today we have Patricia Sands as our guest! Countless readers fell in love with Patricia’s novel THE BRIDGE CLUB , a story of eight women, four decades of friendship and one unimaginable request, and now Patricia is bringing us another story to warm out hearts and have us remembering why we enjoy her books so much. […]

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On Friday…

IT’S TIME FOR THE GALS OF THE BRIDGE CLUB… I know all my readers are going to be excited when I say that tomorrow we are having a very special guest and a great giveaway. Patricia Sands, fabulous author of the novel “The Bridge Club” will be my guest…AND she’s giving us a peek at her April […]

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A Visit with Six Authors & A Dog

I am a member of Destiny Makers – an awesome group of authors who generously share their knowledge, hold Twitter Chats on Friday afternoon and talk about all things books. In all there are forty in our group – some are mystery & thriller writers, some do paranormal, some YA, some, like me, write women’s fiction. […]

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