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Midwest Book Review

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Some reviews are just too wonderful not to share with my readers and this one from the Midwest Book Review certainly falls into that category. If I seem a bit proud, please bear with me, it’s not every day an author gets a glowing review from such a prestigious reviewer. “Skillfully […]

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E-Festival of Words

A FABULOUS  FESTIVAL It’s an e-book festival and a place where you’ll find the books readers have nominated as the best of the best. It’s very exciting to find some my books there and to also find books by friends and colleagues. So, the Bette Lee Crosby books nominated in the 2013 E-Festival of Words […]

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What matters most to you?

WHAT MATTERS MOST TO YOU? This is perhaps an ambiguous question and, while it seems simple on the surface, it has as many different answers as there are stars in the sky. At first blush people will most often answer my family, my church, my friends. But what about your job, your home, the trust […]

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Meet Clay Palmer

In the Words of Clay Palmer… an excerpt from What Matters Most  Uncle Charlie died a month ago today. He was nine years older than Pop, but he lived twenty years longer. Pop was a nose-to-the-grindstone man; Uncle Charlie wasn’t. I suppose that’s the difference. It’s funny how something like this suddenly gets you thinking […]

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Glad to have you join me for the launch of The Twelfth Child… From May 21st until May 31st there will be a prize given out every day …and then on June 1st, there will be a drawing for the Grand Prize of a $25. Amazon gift Card. A Winner will be announced right here on […]

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Spare Change was recently named a nominee in the category of General Fiction in the E-Festival of Words Best Independent Book Awards Competition, what a lovely surprise that was. With the hustle and bustle of all that’s been happening, I sometimes lose track of all the good things that have gone by and receiving an award is […]

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APRIL IS ALL ABOUT AUTHORS…THIS TIME WE’RE LOOKING AT IT THROUGH A MALE’S POINT OF VIEW Rodney Walther knows his way around the ballpark—he’s managed baseball and softball teams for over a decade. His award-winning debut novel, BROKEN LACES, is both a fond homage to Little League and an intense family drama. Since it’s release […]

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I am thrilled beyond words at having won three different awards in the 2011 Reader Views Literary Competition so I’d like to share a bit about Reader Views, explain how the competition.is structured, and provide a link so that you can browse the list of winners in other categories and hopefully discover some wonderful books by authors […]

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Well friends and fans, since you’ve already met Ethan Allen Doyle, the lad in Spare Change, I thought you’d like to meet some of the other characters and get to know a bit about them. Today I’ll be interviewing Olivia Ann Westerly, the protagonist of the story. Olivia is a woman who at a young […]

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Books to authors are like children to mothers–we fret over having every last thought in place, every emotion captured perfectly, every character truly as likable or dislikable as they were intended to be. And just as a mother cheers when her child is given accolades, we cheer when our books receive awards…so please forgive me while I stand […]

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A Talk at the Temple

‘Tis the season for lots of book talk events and revisiting some of the lovely ladies I have spoken with in previous years. On Tuesday of this week – Valentine’s Day – I had a sweetheart of an afternoon. First I visited with the Sisterhood at the Temple Beth El Israel, and then I attended our […]

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The absolute most fun an author can have is to visit with a book club comprised of more than a  dozen fun-loving gals who are brimming over with comments and conversation. The book club I visited with on Wednesday, February 8th was at Evergreen Country Club and hosted by Joyce Humboldt. I can hardly find […]

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This has been a great week despite the onslaught of rainy weather (and frizzy hair.) On Tuesday I was privileged to speak at the Vero Beach GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) and it was a  delight to revisit these wonderful women. I addressed this group two years ago and after I did a reading from “Cracks in the Sidewalk” many of […]

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Readers Speak

Thanks to all the Goodreads members who have made Spare Change the #1 choice on the Listopedia list of “Best Unknown Books” – I am both honored and awed. I can only hope that everyone who read the book and enjoyed it will pass the word along to their friends and their friends will in […]

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Hot Off The Press

SPARE CHANGE is now in the top ten on Goodreads Listopedia list of “Best Unknown Books” – Of course my goal is make it “known” so friends, fans and fellow writers,  if you’re a member of Goodreads, please swing by and vote for it – here’s the link http://bit.ly/zeit7A

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The Promise of 2012

Looking back, I must say 2011 was an exciting year, but 2012 holds even greater promise. In 2011, Bent Pine Publishing took me into the world of Digital Publishing with the release of both Spare Change and Cracks in the Sidewalk in Kindle and Nook formats…and what a ride it has been! Before I get […]

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