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The Legend of the Rolling Pin

I’ve shared a lot about the heritage of my family in the past few days, now I’d like to share one more thing… The following is a poem written for Ruth and Clifford Pence by their daughter Rita Lou. I don’t think I need to give you much of a background here, I think Rita […]

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The Green Side of the Mountain – Part 2

Many years have passed since I spent summer vacations in Coal Fork, West Virginia…and during those years a number of things happened.  Rita, the third sister, discovered she was unable to have children and adopted a little girl; a few years later Breast Cancer took her life and the child was sent to live with […]

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PURSE STRINGS…by Barbara Samuels

I’ve outgrown my purse. Again. Every birthday I add three pounds to my hips and four to my handbag. I’ve yet to find a solution for lightening my load. I started with a clutch, went to a handbag, then a tote and now I carry a body bag in order to hold my stash. On […]

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At the GWFC Of Vero Beach

What fun it is for an author to speak to such a delightful audience as the ladies of the Vero Beach Women’s Club. Not only did they regale me with lots of applause, laughter, nods of agreement and smiles, but they also provided a delicious lunch with an easy-on-the-conscience three-point weight-watchers cake for desert. What more could I ask? […]

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In my family we were three sisters, I the oldest, Donna-the wild child two years younger, and Geri ten years younger. I won’t go into the explanation my mother gave me for such an age gap, but it had something to do with a very romantic anniversary celebration and the belief that she was past childbearing […]

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Kids…you’ve gotta love ’em

It may not ever make Broadway, but the musical production “Let’s Rock” put on by the Kid’s Choir at Westside Baptist was awesome. The thing about kids is that they light up like firecrackers when they get involved in something like this and their enthusiasm is highly contagious. As many of my readers know, I […]

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10 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Dog…

No, I’m not talking about a dog of a story, I’m talking about the yapping, tail wagging, love you forever kind of friend that writers should not be without. However, in deference to all my kitty-loving friends I must admit that some cats have been able to capture the same wonderful traits found in dogs. Katie is my baby…well, […]

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Bette’s Calendar – Speaking Engagements

December 2011 December 8 – Guest Speaker at Palm City Word Weavers May 2011 May 13 – Guest Speaker at the Vero Beach Yacht Club Luncheon February 2011 February 18 – Guest Speaker at the West Palm Beach Writer’s Luncheon January 2011 January 20 – Guest Speaker at the Monarch Country Club Luncheon December 2010 […]

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