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A Girl’s Guide to Changing a Tire…

Funny how something like a word, a gesture, or a phrase can trigger a thought that opens a floodgate of memories. I recently heard a Southern Mama advise her daughter to take auto mechanics in school because every woman should know how to fix her own car, then she should look helpless enough to have […]

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On the Green Side of the Mountain…

We live in a world where plenty is the norm, where kids wear designer sneakers and carry the latest technology in their back pocket. We become agitated when our computer takes more than 29 seconds to boot. We text our friends, download a new movie and send out for sushi…but how often do we stop to consider how truly fortunate […]

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Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Laugh!

I can talk about books all day. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. I seldom tire of talking about books. Good books, bad books, books I’ve read and even books that I might someday read. I chat about books online, on the phone, and even with the hairdresser at the beauty parlor. But my favorite place to […]

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Okay, we are officially getting into the spirit it of the season and since December is reserved for our annual Book Club Christmas party, our hostess Linda Faria selected James Patterson’s “A Christmas Wedding” as our November book club read and she created a party theme to suit the mood of the book. The invitations were a […]

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I met Anne through a mutual friend on Linked-in. Our friend mentioned that Anne’s book had zoomed its way into the Barnes & Noble top ten, so I dashed over to take a look. One glance at the cover and I fell in love with the book—I immediately downloaded it onto my Kindle thinking it […]

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IT’S A DOG’S LIFE…by Katie

A lot of bad things can happen in a dog’s life…I know, ’cause some of those things happened to me.  I guess I have always been what people call dog, because the first I remember of life is being in a box with three brothers and Dog Mom. Dog Mom let us suck on her spouts so we got warm […]

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I was honored to speak at the September meeting of the Port Saint Lucie Women’s Club, a group that is part of the International GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs.) The luncheon meeting was held at the Holiday Inn on Federal Highway. In addition to a wonderful lunch, these lovely ladies listened to my stories of family […]

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….So, enjoy it. When Diana’s daughter called and said they were doing pedestal displays to symbolize the varioys aspects of Diana’s life, we were honored to do one from the book club…so what did we do? Books, of course. Diana was not actually an author, but she could have easily written the book on how […]

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PURSE STRINGS…by Barbara Samuels

I’ve outgrown my purse. Again. Every birthday I add three pounds to my hips and four to my handbag. I’ve yet to find a solution for lightening my load. I started with a clutch, went to a handbag, then a tote and now I carry a body bag in order to hold my stash. On […]

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10 Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Dog…

No, I’m not talking about a dog of a story, I’m talking about the yapping, tail wagging, love you forever kind of friend that writers should not be without. However, in deference to all my kitty-loving friends I must admit that some cats have been able to capture the same wonderful traits found in dogs. Katie is my baby…well, […]

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The Truth About Book Clubs…

Half the people you know probably belong to some sort of book club. Most love it, some tolerate it, some claim they’re far too busy to read a book every month, and others find fault with the quality of books selected. Still the number of book clubs in existence continues to grow, as does their popularity. Why? Being a writer, […]

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