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IT’S A SOUTHERN SUNDAY…So settle down with a cool glass of iced tea and get ready for another wonderful story by Contributing Editor, Alle Wells.. I loved visiting my grandmother’s farm during the long summer days of my childhood. The early morning dew sprinkled the blades of grass felt moist between my bare toes. The […]

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APRIL IS ALL ABOUT AUTHORS AND THIS GAL IS A SOUTHERN READER’S FAVORITE Okay, it goes without saying, I love Southern Fiction.  I love the voice and the quirky, sometimes irreverent, attitude that is part of being from the South; but most of all, I love when I find a sassy new author that captures all of this in […]

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The following article was written by Alle Wells, a Southern author who impressed me by combining her awareness of food and it’s place in our life with her writting skills…the result was an eye-opening little book called “Lame Excuses”  This is Alle’s first novel, but I think moving forward we’ll see some wonderful work from her.  In […]

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