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Liberty Jones

Ah, I know that many of you have been waiting for this, and while it is not ready just yet, every day brings me closer to completion of “LIBERTY JONES”  sequel to the award-winning best-seller Spare Change and the second book is what has now become my Wyattsville series. Liberty Jones is a new character  […]

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Midwest Book Review

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Some reviews are just too wonderful not to share with my readers and this one from the Midwest Book Review certainly falls into that category. If I seem a bit proud, please bear with me, it’s not every day an author gets a glowing review from such a prestigious reviewer. “Skillfully […]

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There are book clubs and then there are BOOK CLUBS! The Gals at the Cascades have one of THOSE BOOK CLUBS. You know the kind I mean… a book club that everyone wants to become part of. They read great books, share yummy snacks, have interesting discussions …and grow their membership. In fact, their membership eventually outgrew itself and the club […]

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IT’S TIME TO STIR UP SOME EXCITEMENT FOR BOOK LOVERS AND CREATIVE COOKS… In the novel “SPARE CHANGE” When Olivia Ann Westerly is at the very lowest point of her life, she  meets an old woman named Canasta. As the woman listens to Oliva’s troubles, she serves her several bowls of Okra soup. Olivia begins to see a brighter side […]

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Each day this feed is updated to include the day’s winner, so be sure to click on read more and find out if your name is on the list… DAY ONE -Our first giveaway goes to Jeanine Elizalde, a Goodreads follower – Congratulations Jeanine, you’ve won a copy of The Award-winning novel SPARE CHANGE that […]

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